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September 13, 2015

Writers’ Angst

The very word ‘angst’ seems to convey a sense of agony, desperation and fear.  Indeed the meaning of the word is all that and more.

What exactly do I mean by writers’ angst?  I believe every writer goes through this at some point.  For myself, I find it easy enough to write. However, once the book is finished and I am referring to the first draft at this time, the waves of anxiety set in.  What if it’s not good enough?  So I put it down, do something else and then pick it up again.

By the time I am finished and at the final draft, a different kind of anxiety comes to the surface.  It is time to hand over my book to a publisher.  There are so many What-if questions, that it is almost as if you are doing an Excel spreadsheet. 
I remember the first and only time I visited a publisher.  There I was with my first publication in hand, bold as brass, telling this publisher that I am only doing a limited edition of 1000 copies that I plan to sell for USD100.  I was laughed at, told that the most copies of any one book Miss Lou ever sold was 700.  With all due respect to the great lady, I told him that I was not Miss Lou.

Hence my foray into the world of self publishing.

But that was when I was living a secular life. 
As I started to write again, I found myself experiencing the same pangs of anxiety. More so when I received my mandate from the Lord to publish for the Christian genre in Jamaica.

Here was pure unadulterated panic.  I mean, if I mess up with my own books, bad and not so bad.  But what if I mess up other people’s books.

But the Lord reminded me “be anxious for nothing”.  I have to trust Him who has not only lead me to this path, but has opened the doors for me.  I am recognizing that I will not be doing business in my usual manner.

To the writers who will come under the umbrella of The Publisher’s Notebook, I understand that you may have been sitting on your book for some time now because every time we write a book, a little piece of ourselves is wrapped up in it.  It is hard to let go of this baby that you have nurtured, cried over, stayed up nights reading and re-reading.  But I urge you, not to sit on it any longer (not because it will mean business for my company), but because God has given you a unique perspective of His Word that someone is waiting to read.  That person is waiting for that Word from the Lord based on that perspective to free them, propel them, encourage them.
Be anxious for nothing.

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September 13, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Informing and inspiring…


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