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May 13, 2009

The Birth of Copyright

I sat here thinking that perhaps a great way to start off this week’s blog would be to do an examination of the origins of copyright. Rather than reinvent the wheel I have searched the web for related blogs and information. Here is my list:

1. Copyrighteous: This blog came up in the top 10 of my Google search. The blog is dedicated to exploring copyright and writers’ rights issues. Click here to read the content

2. A Meta History of Collaborative Literature and Control A history of copyright as it related to the classic poets and writers such as Wordsworth, Keats etc.

3. Interview with Eben Moglen for Steal this Film 2 (Manhattan). Eben Moglen is a Professor of Law and legal history at the University of Columbia. He is also a Director – Counsel at the Software Freedom Law Center

4. Wikipedia’s History of Copyright Law

5. Copyrights and Their Origins by Peter Kershaw

6. US Copyright web page

7. Copyright – Origins of copyright, Justifications for copyright, Copyright in the united states, International copyright
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