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September 4, 2017

Social Visibility

As a writer, you might think of starting a facebook group related to your book and or a fan page in order to engage your readership.  It can become tedious trying to update all these different social points at the same time. There is the additional need to allow your page and/or group to be visible to others.  You can:

  • Link your page to your group
  • Change your group email from the number that Facebook assigns to the name of your group
  • Create a website address for your group so that you can provide this information to others that you want to join without having to search through all of FB

How to email to a group: 

  1.  Ascertain the email address of the group.  This can be done by looking at the web address in the address bar at the top of your screen.
  2.  If no name is assigned, the address will look like this: .  The email address would be  Otherwise, if a name is assigned the address would be, e.g.,

Do not worry that your group email will be spammed.  The permissions that you set up when forming the group will take care of that.  Not only that, if you are offline but can access your email on the phone, you can send a post via email to the group.  Once you get in range of a wi-fi, it will automatically be sent and your group will be updated.

How to Setup Group email addresses on Facebook.

  1. Click on the Groups on your home page.
  2. Under Groups You Manage, click on the settings gear beside your group name.
  3. Select Edit Group settings

Follow the instructions on the diagram below and then save.

How to setup group email addresses in Facebook

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