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March 19, 2010

Questions the professional photographer should be asking their clients

As a follow up to my last article, I decided to do some research into the types of questions that we as professional photographers should be asking our clients with a view to more accurate billing, better management of rights and maximizing our income per image. In addition I wanted to find a professional photography services billing software that was reasonably priced and concise in its approach. My research has led me to Blinkbid and the following which is paraphrased from their “Custom License Feature”:

  • What type of license? – Exclusive, Exclusive to the industry or Non-Exclusive
  • What work is licensed? – All works from the job, The Client’s selects only, the photographer’s selects only, delivered works only
  • What is the duration of the license?
  • What is the quantity that the client wishes to print? Unlimited or a specific quantity
  • When is the license effective? On creation date, on the date of first use or a specific period after the creation date
  • In what geographical region does the client intend to use the picture? Worldwide, Asia, Caribbean, specific country
  • What media will the image be used in? This is limited only to your imagination and the needs of your client.  However, a few examples include
    • Electronic multi media CD/DVD
    • Internet Blog
    • Advertising – all print media
    • Internet e-mail campaign
    • Promotional point of sale  ….. and the list goes on

I hope that this will help the serious photographers who wish to make a living from their art and passion.  The business side of your art is just as important as the creating thereof.

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