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August 8, 2017

Pushing Past Our Limits

More often than not, we all go through several periods of doubt, feeling limited and unable “to do” .  Sometimes we feel weary even to our bones.  How much longer must I dig to find this diamond?  How much further should I push? Some of us are ready to give up.  We become “weary in well-doing”.  How much longer should I pray for this person, I do not see any change. We then give up.

For creatives it is even so.  There are signs of giving up that are different to each of us.  Surprisingly, one of these signs is disinterest.  Suddenly, we become disinterested in what we are creating.  Oftentimes, we say, “perhaps it is out of the timing of God” when in fact, we are being bombarded by the devil.  Let me give you an example.  It took me seven years to write my book of poems THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY and 3 weeks to write AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM.  What was the difference here?  Let me start with THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY.

During the period 2000-2007, I made my name as Poet Gina Rey Forest – author of sensuous poetry.  After the launch of my book Hot Sweet Chocolate, I wrote and published a book of poetry once per year.  In the last year, tired of the label sensuous poet, (even though I was doing a lot of social commentary through my poetry), I wrote a book called No Lube, I’m Telling It Like It Is.  This book really focused on the issues of sexual abuse.  Fast forward to 2007 when the Holy Spirit arrested me (you can read the testimony here).  I began to understand the true meaning of intimacy as the relationship between Jesus and myself and out of that growth was birthed my new book of poetry.  I had my moments of anxiety wanting to push to finish the book in one year as I usually did.  However, as I came to realise that my relationship with God was not a microwave process, I simply relaxed and let the words flow as I drew closer into a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Conversely, during the process of writing  THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY the Lord impressed upon me to write AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM.  I sat at my desk for about three weeks until I felt a sense of completion.  It was a NOW word for the Church that I just could not ignore.  I had no idea that I would be publishing that book within a few weeks (unheard of for me).

The important thing for Christian creatives is that our writing life cannot be separate from our prayer life.  It is out of our prayer life that the inspiration comes through the Holy Spirit.[TweetButton]

Sometimes as we progress through our creative work, we become beset with a lot of assaults to the mind.  This is too big for me.  I could never be a best selling author / artist/ etc.  We often feel as if our imagination is too limited.  This is where “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me1)Philippians 4:13” comes in.  Although our creative works will bring us fame and before kings because God’s Word does promise that our gifting will make room for us – it really is not for our glorification.  Therefore, warfare will come.  This should not deter us, but cause us to want to persevere.

Do not believe the lie that comes that the inspired work is not for now, or maybe it’s my mind. I have learned with the two books that I mentioned that once the work is inspired by the Holy Spirit, you will not be able to leave it alone.

Some creative burdens are light and you can carry them for long distances.  Some are heavy and you can only carry them for a short time.

If you feel condemned whenever you put it down, it is not God. The Holy Spirit convicts, never condemns. If you feel that you need to add more (like a sense of incompleteness) seek the Lord prayerfully.  Ask Him to enlarge the territory/borders of your imagination, because His imagination is limitless.

  • What signs of weariness are you demonstrating
  • Do you feel limited in your abilities, your imagination?  How is this being manifested?
  • Apply Isaiah 54 to your struggles
  • Having difficulty seeing?  Things look dark?
  • Apply Genesis 1:3

I invite you to read the linked article by Jennifer LeClaire for further illumination.


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1. Philippians 4:13

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