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You Are The King’s Daughter – Your True Position In The Kingdom

J$ 2040.00

Have you felt sick and tired of being sick and tired; fed up of the revolving door of the same issues? There comes a point where you know you are at the edge, and the facade of pretense and denial has now begun to wear off. This book is for you.

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It is easy to read but profound in its advice; What an encouragement to God’s Royal Daughters. You will be changed… you will be able to move to higher heights…you will grow in appreciation of your Heavenly Father and King, by reading this book – Rev. Dr. Maria Harbajan, author of ARISE…Intercessors Arise!  Founder and Senior Counselor at OASIS Counselling Services; President and CEO of National Intercessory Prayer Network of Jamaica and Prayer Centre of the Caribbean.

A very thorough examination of what it means to be a daughter of the King of Kings.  Armed with this knowledge, one is persuaded to examine their current situations, behaviour and carriage against the plumb line of what is expected from royalty of this exalted pedigree




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