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August 2, 2017


Percolation involves having a solvent go through a permeable substance, with the idea that filtering will occur during the process. 1)

A percolator can be defined as a pot that is used for brewing coffee by repeatedly cycling near-boiling water through coffee grounds until a desirable coffee beverage strength is achieved. 2)

Often we find ourselves in situations where we feel as if the intensity of the heat just keeps increasing.  As we pursue our calling as creators (authors, songwriters, artists, worship leaders etc) we tend to find that the further we go in depth into what we are to be doing, the challenges keep mounting and sometimes there seems to be no end in sight.  We are being percolated.

Just as coffee is perked with bursts of steam and / or boiling water being passed the ground and the filter so we are being perfected through our challenges.  These challenges build our faith or break us.  If we fail to recognize that our strength is inadequate, then indeed we will be broken by these challenges.  Conversely, if we recognize that indeed our strength is inadequate, but instead rely on our strength in Jesus, then we can face and triumph over any challenge.  Percolation happens over time until a desirable strength is achieved.

The filtering that occurs, keeps the dregs out of the beverage.  In the same way, during our challenges, the Holy Spirit (our filter) removes the dregs (the bitterness, the unforgiveness, the fatigue, the lethargy, the works of the flesh etc) out of us (the perfected blend).  Malachi 3:3 tells us that “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver”  A silversmith purifies silver by repeatedly putting the silver through fire, burning away the impurities until he can see his reflection in it.

Thoughts to Ponder

  • Am I being a reflection on or of God?
  • This situation is only temporary until I am perfected
  • What is the Holy Spirit wanting to filter out of my life?
  • Am I becoming that perfected blend?
  • What does this perfected blend taste/smell/ look like?

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