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October 31, 2015

Every Writer Needs A Garden

I recently spent a lot of time in my garden.  I put on some worship music, and just puttered around, organizing pits, repotting plants, repositioning them.

I was past my deadline for the number of chapters that I had planned to finish that day, but I was experiencing the dreaded writer’s block.  I could not get a word out of my head that made sense. I spent about a half day doing this.  When I was finished, I went inside and started writing with a much greater clarity than I was experiencing a few hours before.  Even better, I was able to finish the chapter on time.

We all need a constructive distraction.  Something that makes us relax even while working.  You could stare at an object for so long that you miss the details. Just take your eyes off of it for a minute and when you look again, you see details that you did not notice before.  This is what I call a constructive distraction.  It is the sort of activity that resets your brain.  When you return to what you were originally doing, everything looks and feels fresh.

Puttering around in my garden gives my mind a much needed break from writing.  It is something I can do without much thinking, so my mind has an opportunity to relax.  I find that I even get ideas or revelation in that atmosphere of worship that I create.

What is your constructive distraction?

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