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December 1, 2016

Book Introductions – Tips from Around The Net

Today is Curator Thursday and our feature is on book introductions.  As an author, you must be able to communicate information about your book with your audience with clarity.

The Elevator Speech – Can you tell someone about your book in the space of time that it takes for an elevator ride.  For example, after having introduced myself as an author, the person is quite likely to ask, ‘what do you write about?’  My response is going to be “I write easy to understand books about the revelations I receive from reading the Scriptures”. Elevator reaches the floor, I get off and hand them a card with information on how to get my book.  Or, better yet, if I happen to have a copy on me and they want to purchase, I might just delay the elevator for a bit. ?

In searching for some info to share with my authors, I came across this great post by Judy Cullins on How to Write a Great Book Introduction in 5 Steps

Here is a video from Youtube,  Introduction to the book ‘Digital Leadership’ by author Sofie Sandell  Now this video is 24 minutes long, the quality of the video is not great but to her credit she has a link to a short video.


Source: L.A.U.D. 2017 Writers’ Retreat

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