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Sylvia Dallas

Passionate about publishing and spreading the Word of God, The Publisher's Notebook (TPN) exists to provide information on self-publishing as well as publish for the Christian genre in Jamaica. The Chief Operating Officer is Sylvia M Dallas who is a self-published author herself.

Pushing Past Our Limits

More often than not, we all go through several periods of doubt, feeling limited and unable "to do" .  Sometimes we feel weary even to our bones.  How much longer must I dig to find this diamond?  How much further should I push? Some of us are ready to give up.  We become "weary in…
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Percolation involves having a solvent go through a permeable substance, with the idea that filtering will occur during the process. 1) A percolator can be defined as a pot that is used for brewing coffee by repeatedly cycling near-boiling water through coffee grounds until a desirable coffee beverage strength is achieved. 2) Often we find…
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Book Introductions – Tips from Around The Net

Today is Curator Thursday and our feature is on book introductions.  As an author, you must be able to communicate information about your book with your audience with clarity. The Elevator Speech - Can you tell someone about your book in the space of time that it takes for an elevator ride.  For example, after…
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The importance of the professionally done portrait picture.

As you progress in your writing career, the occasion will arise when you have to produce a picture of yourself.  In truth, this should have been considered at the onset.  It helps to have a picture of yourself on your website and on your email signature, quite simply, because people tend to trust who they can see.…
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