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Sylvia M Dallas

Poet, Author, Publisher.

Indie poet and author Sylvia Dallas is a woman intent on fulfilling her divine purpose. Moving from the role of sensuous poet to new works in Christ, she is determined that all her works must glorify the God she serves.  See a part of her testimony in her blog post 39 years and counting

THE BED DEFILED - Disharmony After Matrimony? Why?

Is the bed clean if you just put a new sheet on top?  Why is it that couples who cohabit  for years (outside of wedlock)  seem to live harmoniously until they get married?  The simplicity of the answer may surprise you.

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It took me seven years to write this book.  For years, I performed as Gina Rey Forest – sensuous poet.  I got bored with the same old same old, asking myself if there is not more to poetry than this.  In 2007 I declared that I was not ever going to write another piece of poetry unless it glorified God.  After much prayer and examination, I realised that what I wanted more than anything else was intimacy.  I began to seek God in earnest and was rewarded with these inspired poems.  It is my hope that they bless you as they have blessed me.

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AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM - Your Life of Praise Can Bring Freedom To Others

My favorite experiences usually begin with “There I was peacefully minding my own business when…”So there I was peacefully minding my own business, listening to Pastor Garth Rowe expounding on Acts 16:25.  I got stuck at “..and the prisoners heard them” and realised that if the prisoners had not heard them (Paul & Silas praying and praising) they would not have been freed.  I realised that I cannot praise God and be silent.  People need to hear and see me praising my way through my challenges and being victorious.

The Holy Spirit ministered to me greatly through the experience of writing this book.  The Praise declaration at the end summed up all that I learnt and experienced during the writing process.  I hope that reading this book also ministers to you

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