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Reverend Angel Victory

Angel Victory is a native of Jamaica West Indies and has lived in the Municipality of Portmore St. Catherine since 1987. Since 2007 Angel has been a Minister of Religion and is the Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Ministries, and the Founder and Chairman for I Am Woman Foundation Ltd. Her background in philanthropy and focus on Community collaboration has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Angel Received her Bachelor of Science in Theology at the Trinity Theological Seminary and Masters in Pastoral Counseling.


With her father not taking an active role in her life, Angel is unable to to really come into a definition of what love really is.  This book takes you on a journey through the life of Reverend Angel Victory (formerly known as Wendy Minott), from her childhood days through to adulthood.  We get a look into her family structure and an insight into how a dysfunctional family comes about.  We are taken through the crucible of her afflictions,  to her wake up call, to her victory in Jesus Christ.

We someone going through the fire and coming out as gold.  We see mindsets that keep us in bondage and the eventual breaking of that mindset.  This is an open window into the life of an otherwise private person for us to see, acknowledge and understand that God can use anyone, any situation, any thing to bring about His Glory.   We see hope- false and real.  We see determination to excel despite the odds.  (Editor’s Comment – The Publisher’s Notebook Ltd)

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