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Renewed Vigor

I have been away for a long time.  I have now come back with renewed vigor and a determination to help as many people as I can through what I have learned about self-publishing.  I look forward to this year in which I expect to see a lot of things unfold.
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Questions the professional photographer should be asking their clients

As a follow up to my last article, I decided to do some research into the types of questions that we as professional photographers should be asking our clients with a view to more accurate billing, better management of rights and maximizing our income per image. In addition I wanted to find a professional photography…
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As I thought of becoming a professional photographer, (albeit without the letters ASC after my name - that will come later) I did extensive research across the internet, via books etc, on the images that are sought, micro stock industry, other stock photography sites, technology available etc. I came upon two things which has been…
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Self Publishing

While we wait on my friend Jade to clear some of her very heavy workload and help us out with the Google Book Settlement Agreement - over the next few weeks we will focus on Self Publishing options. The post will be divided into (a) local self publishing options (b) what an established publisher requires…
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Interpretation of the Copyright Act – Jamaica

As usual when trying to read any article of law - one has to sort through the various mumbo jumbo of legal jargon. In my search for an interpretation of the Act, I came across the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) website Here is a link to an excerpt from their site…
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The Google Book Settlement Agreement

Have you stopped to think how this class action lawsuit will affect you? If you have not read it yet - be sure to visit the site and read the Google Book Settlement Agreement. We will be doing an interview with Intellectual Property Rights Specialist - attorney-at-law Jade Hollis next week for her views on…
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